Hey, Wanna Trade?
Hey, Wanna Trade?
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This is our newest page. So, I have Diamond and Pearl and have many Pokemon up for grabs. Yes, I will accept any Pokemon, though I'd rather it not be a Bidoof or a Starly or some random Lv2 Pokemon. Some of these are quite rare and I'm giving to you for free. I may even attach an item once in a while. Once I get an Action Replay, I'll be able to hack Pokemon for you so you can pick whichever one you want.

All you have to do is email me with the subject "I Want (Pokemon)" and in the body put, "Cosmofunny (or David), Please trade with me your (Pokemon). Here is my friend code for (Game): (FC)." And that's it. Then, I'll try and get a reasonable time to trade and we can trade. All you need is a DS, the game, an extra Pokemon you'd wish to trade, and internet that you can connect to.
So, this week our Pokemon up for grabs is:

This Omanyte is at Lv 20. Found in the Underground, this was "defossilized" on June 9, 2008 with a Rash nature. It likes to fight and especially likes dry food. With HP of 48, its attacks are Bite, Water Gun, Rollout, and Leer. This Pokemon will come attached with a Leaf Stone, so you can evolve that Pokemon who's in desperate need of one.
Remember, that's yoshijr50@sbcglobal.net if you want this Omanyte. This Omanyte will be up for grabs until next Wednesday June 18 @ 12:00 AM Central (so 1 AM for those who live in the Eastern time zone, 11 PM for those who live in the Mountain time zone, 10 PM for those who live in the Pacific time zone, 9 PM for those who live in Hawaii, and 8 PM for those who live in Alaska)

Hello. It is cosmofunny. If you have any complaints or comments about the website, here is where you write. You can also write here about certain things to write about, like the hall of fame or the pokemon list. Please state your name and email after the message. Thank you!

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