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Hall of Fame

Melody sent me her Hall of Fame from Pokemon Pearl. Here's the list.
 Torterra - Level 57
Staraptor - Level 56
Azumarill - Level 56
Luxray - Level 54
Happiny - Level 50
Palkia - Level 50
Great job on raising those Pokemon, Melody! My Pokemon on Pearl are almost close to yours, but I got some training to do...
Here's my first Hall of Fame. I've beaten them 6 times, however.
Luxray Lv55
Lucario Lv52
Staraptor Lv52
Torterra Lv53
Abomasnow Lv51
Palkia - Lv54
Of course, these Pokemon are all really stronger now.
Luxray, Staraptor, Lucario, Torterra, and Palkia are all at Level 100. I haven't used Abomasnow in forever, so I'm not sure what level he's at right now.

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